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Cattle Tub Sweep

Load out tub sweeps unpainted or painted, Corner-less tub Unpainted or painted. constructed of 12 gauge pipe and 16 gauge sheet metal, back stop latches top and bottom every 20 inches. Equipped with a second exit with a door that will close off lock the alley way. Adjustable 10 ft Alley Way Panels, painted or unpainted. Amish Hand Crafted, Locally Made, Extra Heavy. We are now making palpation cages with 2 doors. Now offering a corner-less tub, unpainted, and Painted. We can custom fit to your spec. 10 Gauge Extra Heavy Duty Amish Hand Made Pained and Unpainted Hay Bale Rings, Pained and Unpainted Hay Saver for Bale Ring, Painted and unpainted Horse Feeder Bale Ring (add $100 to add skirting). The feeders do come apart in half sections. The hay saver and hay ring comes along with 4 bolts to secure the set. A set combination of a Hay Rack and Hay Saver weight is approximately 475 pounds. If you take 5 or more sets we will discount $20 per set. I have a cattle farmer take 7 hay saver set and express that he saves over 30% of hay with these savers. I can haul up to 20 bale rings. They haul very easily.

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