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One customer reported having suffered from nail fungus problems since World War II, and "Nothing the doctors have tried has worked!" He was delighted, and told them so, when his nails were completely healed. Many people particularly like the fact that Herbal Nail Fungus Soak is used externally instead of internally, like some of the prescription medications which can be so toxic to one's liver. Everyone loves the fact Herbal Nail Fungus Soak doesn't cost hundreds of dollars. (And they offer you a one box, money back guarantee! You should begin to see results in 7-8 weeks, or during the two months your first box should last.) Complete directions are included for mixing one package of Soak with one quart of apple cider vinegar to make enough Soak to treat the average case of nasty nail fungus for 2 months. It works really well for cracking heel and athlete's foot, too. (Skin problems usually respond even quicker than nails.)


We proudly offer Nail Fungus Soak for cracking heel and nail fungus problems. It's the healthy, natural alternative. It works, and is guaranteed!

Herbal Nail Fungus Soak

  • You combine our herb formula with 4 cups of inexpensive apple cider vinegar from the grocery store (following instructions in the box). After letting the mixture steep overnight, strain out the herbs, keeping the liquid. Pour the liquid into a plastic container with a lid, large enough to get your feet or hands into (a plastic shoe storage box works great!) Then you simply soak every day for 3-5 minutes. You should start seeing new nail growth at the base of the nails in about 7-8 weeks. For complete success with our product or any other anti-fungal, you must continue treatment until the bad nail is completely grown out (somewhat like when you grow out a bad nail after hitting yourself with a hammer.) Most people with nail fungus respond to Nail Fungus Soak by itself. For really tough cases, see information about Fungus Fighter tincture elsewhere in our products page. A box of Nail Fungus Soak is enough for approximately 2 months of daily soaking.

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